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Some of the Best Exercises Featured on Jefit App

The following group of exercises are all featured on the Jefit app. These have been chosen as some of the best exercises by the Jefit coaching staff. The difference with this particular list, however, is the exercises are not used as often as the more popular ones. They are just as good, though, if not better. Each major muscle group includes a few exercise selections to try. Give them a go in your next workout.

Best Exercises for Legs & Glutes

Three of the most popular “upper leg” exercises in this category are barbell squat, prone leg curl, and barbell lunge. Our staff, however, wanted to mention the following leg exercises.


The top three exercises, in this category in terms of downloads, are wide grip lat pull-down, barbell deadlift and barbell bent-over row. The next time you need to add a back exercise try using one of these.


The three most popular exercises in the chest category are barbell bench press, barbell incline bench press, and machine fly. Check out the chest exercises.


Currently, the most popular shoulder exercises in the Jefit database are dumbbell lateral raise, dumbbell shoulder press, and barbell shoulder press. Try these exercises to change things up.


When it comes the arms, the most popular bicep exercises are barbell bicep curl, dumbbell alternating hammer curl, and dumbbell incline curl. In regard to the tricep, you have dip, cable rope tricep pushdown and barbell supine tricep extension. If those exercises aren’t doing it for you, try these.




This category includes exercises for the abdominal area, glutes, hips and low back. Here are some of the exercise choices made by the Jefit coaches for these particular muscle groups.

Here is a great list of just a few of the many Jefit best exercises that you can think about adding to your next strength training program.

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