Personal Coach Mode

Expand your personal training business with Personal Coach Mode. Reduce your average time spent per client by connecting with fitness savvy clients remotely to provide personal workout plans, track their workout progress, and provide feedback.

Lower Your Time Spent On Each Client

Quickly and efficiently coach clients via JEFIT allowing you to expand your client base without increasing your time invested.

Easily Build and Sell Workout Plans

Develop and distribute your premium workout plan with JEFIT’s robust exercise and workout plan libraries

Build Your Brand

Build a profile that highlights your experience, client results, or certifications and attracts future clients.

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Client Management

Coach More Clients in Less Time

Premium Workout Plans

Easily personalize your workout plans

Coach Branding

Build a reputation & let new clients come to you.

Start Your Free Trial

After the free trial,

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Our Goal Is To Help You Succeed

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