Dumbbell Incline Fly
Beginner - Strength - Compound

Targeted Muscle Group

Chest figure highlighted in blue



Shoulders figure highlighted in blue


Recommended Equipment

Dumbbell equipment


How to do it

The dumbbell incline fly exercise is a chest sculpting exercise that helps build a bigger and stronger chest.

Steps :

1.) Start by lying on an incline bench set to 45-degrees and holding a dumbbell in each hand.

2.) Lift the dumbbells up and over your chest, extending your arms fully as this will be your starting position.

3.) While keeping a slight bend in your elbows, slowly bring the dumbbells towards each other in an arc motion, squeezing your chest muscles in the process.

4.) Hold this position for a count then slowly return back to the starting position.

5.) Repeat for as many reps and sets as desired.