is this a good warm up lets say benchpress 10x30 kg 10x50 kg 10x70 kg
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fitafter45 You probably don’t need to do 10 reps on the 2nd and later sets
2 days ago
fitafter45 What’s your working weight?
2 days ago
p.bxtrm 30 reps warmp is a lot. I do 10-12 reps.
just 1-2 reps and increase weight. Just want the muscle to feel the weight with a rep. If first rep doesn't feel great I another. for a working set of 8-12 reps.
2 days ago
PeteCoops Depends on the exercise, how complicated the movement is, previous weakness or injury and what body part I’ve been working the previous set.
Simple movements like bench one set 8-10 reps about 50% weight works for me.
Squats on the hand due to previous injuries I’ll do 3/4 sets of light and work up.
If I’m hitting something like triceps after already doing bench, no warm up needed.
2 days ago
Shvabic no, it isn't. I do 12x20 kg bar, 6x60 kg, 2x90 kg and then go to my first working set at 105 kg. You're wasting energy doing too many reps.
1 day ago

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