Hi, New member here. How can I get a recommendation for an alternative exercise if I don't like one? I know there is an option to add but I need a recommendation to ensure I'm not ruining my plan by focusing on the same muscle. #newmember # question #exercise
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fitafter45 What do you mean? For a start, you could search under the Exercises tab, and filter by muscle and equipment to see the many options
5 days ago
stephaniegaron I would simply add the exercices you wish to do and then if you don’t like over time, just go back and filters by the muscle. There are a bunch of different ideas ☺️ For me I tend to do push, pull, leg days separately and stick to my exercices then if I want to try something new I’ll search by muscle and create a new day with different exercices from the specific muscle and see if I like the new plan I have made. Unsure if that helps haha
4 days ago
Giekonek_Wiedzmak There is swap option but only for elite members.
4 days ago

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