Whats everyone's max deadlift??
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breezy1149 that's personal 😏
7 days ago
Gomers 341 lbs @ 61 years old
7 days ago
fitafter45 97kg x 7
7 days ago
Shvabic 165 kg 1rm
150 kg x5
140 kg x9 (best e1rm)

I'm much better at reps than singles. I also suck at deadlifting in general compared to squats and especially bench. Not sure if it's the missing belt since I am training exclusively beltless since I restarted training after a surgery in September 2022.
6 days ago
JamesHK All time - 190kg, since having a knee reconstruction and turning 40 I've reset the counter on all my PBs. I call it my masters division PB =) currently 160kg. I don't need to chase my numbers from ten years ago, just aim to keep strong and mobile for my kids.
5 days ago
nicholas.archuleta 175 at 13
4 days ago
GymTee 160 kg (352) at 71⅞ yrs old at 75kg bodyweight...
Target 180 in 2024
2 days ago

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