Has anyone had any experience with getting rid of the subcutaneous fat around the waist? I've eliminated added sugars from my diet. None of my diet includes processed or ultra processed foods. Alcohol intake is minimal (wine only, no more brown stuff). I don't eat anything we don't make ourselves and we begin with raw ingredients. I've can see the outline of my abs I know they're there πŸ˜‚ but I just can't get proper definition.
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njv2 First of all just keep training your abs like you would any other muscle. I noticed my abs blow up after doing cable Crunches in the 8-15 rep range and Progressively overloading the weight(just like any other muscle you would want to see hypertrophic growth). And as far as diet goes, it just takes time man. Really it just comes down to losing weight slowly over time. I'm assuming you're fairly lean but you just have that last little bit that won't budge. Just keep losing weight and be patient. There is really not a big secret to it. just consistency
7 days ago
p.bxtrm What you eat or don't doesn't matter. It's all how much you eat.
Getting rid of the fat in that area, especially on the back, is usually the hardest. Most have to drop to around 10% bf. The good thing is when it's gone it doesn't come back in the same way unless you let yourself go. Going back up to 15-20% or so fat gonna be more evenly distributed on your body
6 days ago
carlosfromspain Eating healthy is important but to lose that fat is all about being in a caloric deficit, and sometimes that fat around the waist is the last to go, so be consistent with making sure you are eating less calories at the end of the day than you burned and have patience.
7 days ago
iamdustinbarbee Try fasting for a couple days. Don’t eat breakfast or lunch then have dinner like royalty and watch it go away.
6 days ago
cloudswift I've heard increasing blood flow to the area can help reduce the amount of subcut fat; try using a band around the waist, and roll/deep tissue massage the area
6 days ago
salmong What percentage of body fat are you talking about?
Adjust your diet further, and train your abs 5-7 times a week in short training sessions 5-7 minutes at a time. No need to train them for long, but do concentrate on the form. Do the twisting exercises to target the area, something like "Drunken Mountain Climbers", you can find many more on YouTube.
2 days ago
FreezeJohnson In my experience switch to early morning workout sessions, and add cardio. It helped me eliminate visceral fat
1 day ago

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