During leg day I always start with squats. Afterwards I can never finish leg day cause I always get a massive headache and have to lay down for an hr or so. Anyone else experience this or know how to fix it?
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ruckus3 I get light headed most of the time when I do legs. Especially when I do squats. I've never talked to my doctor about it, but have found that drinking water and hydrating helps out most of the time. Plus, going slow, stretching, and focusing on breathing
6 days ago
Tekzel That does sound odd. I'd talk about that with your doctor rather than take any advice on here about it. Sounds like possibly a blood flow issue and not something to take lightly.
6 days ago
sr_fitness are you breathing correctly or are you straining to push the weight? Is it always when you squat or only when you go heavy?
6 days ago
Mdragon Definitely check with your GP. Nothing suggested here would constitute as an alternative for proper medical advice. With that said, are you high repping your squat? Some people tend to get taxed and feel light headed from high reps squats due to the constant bracing and focus needed for every rep and can benefit from lower reps around 5. Also regular daily cardio for better conditioning.
6 days ago
cloudswift Try water with electrolytes, 30 mins before you workout
6 days ago
stephaniegaron That’s very odd indeed and as others have recommended to see a doctor in case 😊 I know might be silly but ensure you don’t have an empty stomach, have lots of water (with electrolytes helps) and take the time to breathe in between each sets and fluid yourself with water. Hope you feel better for your next leg day
4 days ago
salmong Hydrate well before and during training and check your breathing during squats.
2 days ago
craze24 Definitely make sure you are inhaling on the down, and exhaling on the way back up.. take a second between reps to breathe also. That has helped me on squats and deadlifts also
1 day ago

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